Fire Fighting Back

Firefighting training is mainly done to minimize the loss of life or any property in case of fire. This training is much more important for a Cabin Crew member. During the flight, in case of any emergency caused by fire than a Cabin Crew Member has to get the fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire.

This Training comprises the following topics:

  1. Classification and fire triangle
  2. Fire prevention and detection
  3. Different extinguishing agents and techniques
  4. Procedures in different firefighting situations
  5. Communication/Co-ordination/Assistance
  6. Smoke protection

After completion of this course the student will know:

  1. How to deal with emergencies involving fire and smoke
  2. The importance of identifying the actual source of fire and inform the flight crew immediately
  3. How to co-ordinate and assist when fire or smoke is discovered
  4. The necessity for frequent checking of potential fire-risk areas including toilets and the associated smoke detectors
  5. The different types of fire classes and procedures for fire situations
  6. The appropriate type of extinguishing agents and the techniques of application