First Aid and Safety Back

First Aid is the immediate and temporary care or the treatment of an injured or sick person in the spot before complete medical care or until the services of physicians can be obtained.

One of the most important functions of the flight attendant is to provide the greatest amount of safety possible to the passengers. In case of any accident or sudden illness, they have to offer immediate and temporary care to a passenger until professional care can be obtained.

It is given in order to prevent death or further injury, to relieve pain and to counteract shock. It may mean the difference between life and death, or temporary and permanent disability. It includes well selected words of encouragement, evidence of willingness to help, and promotion of confidence by demonstration of competence.

Emergencies do not take place in the same manner every time. So, the crew member must use their common sense and must be prepared to modify standard procedure to the best safety advantage in dealing with every situation of danger.